Robinson Helicopter Company was founded in 1973 by Frank Robinson, whose vision was to produce the world’s highest quality, most reliable helicopters in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Robinson introduced its first helicopter, the 2-place piston-powered R22 in 1979. The R22’s simple design, easy maintenance and low acquisition cost made it popular among private owners and flight schools. As costs became less of a barrier, more people learned to fly and the demand for small, affordable helicopters increased. In 1992, following the same design philosophy as the R22 but with Lycoming’s larger, more powerful O-540 engine, Robinson introduced the 4-place R44 (later designated the R44 Raven I). Ten years later the R44 Raven II was announced, the same as the original R44 but equipped with Lycoming’s IO-540 fuel injected engine and 28-volt electrical system. Designed by Lycoming, in cooperation with Robinson, the IO-540 enhanced the R44’s ability to perform at high altitudes and in hot temperatures. The Raven II appealed to a broader market and by 2003 R44 sales had doubled R22 sales. During that same time period, Robinson began contemplating ideas for a turbine-powered helicopter. In 2005, an agreement was reached with Rolls Royce to develop the RR300 turbine engine, a derivative of the RR250 series. With the engine in place, development of a 5-place turbine helicopter, the R66 Turbine, moved into high gear. The R66 was FAA-certified in 2010 to the current amendment of the federal regulations, including the latest crashworthiness standards.

Today, the company’s top sellers are its R44 and R66 helicopters, respectively. Both models are offered in a variety of configurations including float, news and police versions. The most recent addition to Robinson’s line is the R44 Cadet, a two-place R44 specifically designed for the training market.

Research and development are of significant importance to Robinson with the company continually making improvements and offering new technology.  Among its latest offerings are glass avionics and an autopilot designed specifically for helicopters.

Robinson places great emphasis on safety, conducting monthly safety courses for helicopter flight instructors and maintenance courses for technicians.  Robinson is also a member of the International Helicopter Safety Team.

The company manufactures, assembles, inspects and flight tests all of its helicopters at its Torrance, California factory. To ensure the highest quality and maximize efficiency, Robinson manufactures a large percentage of parts in house and employs a highly-skilled workforce. In addition to new production, Robinson offers a factory overhaul program for older aircraft.  A worldwide network of more than 400 Service Centers and Dealers provide service and support.

To date, Robinson Helicopter Company has delivered over 12,000 helicopters worldwide.

The head office is located 2901 Airport Drive, Torrance, California 90505

All above data is from the Robinson Helicopter Company website

In Australia Heliflite has Australasia’s longest Robinson distributor with over 40 years experience.

Heliflite has been Australasia’s longest-serving authorised distributor for the Robinson Helicopter Company since 1977. Our experienced sales team are available 7 days a week to assist with all your new or quality pre-owned helicopter requirements.

Whatever your requirements – our dedicated helicopter sales team can advise you on all possible options for aircraft, and all aspects of helicopter operation to fully match your particular needs.

Heliflite’s personal service even extends to the opportunity to custom-finish your helicopter to be as individual as your particular desires – the ultimate statement of individuality in state-of-the-art technology.

Customers have relied on Heliflite for helicopter sales and support for over 40 years, based upon our unmatched experience as Robinson distributor in the Australasian region.

Office locations in Bankstown, Sydney. Brisbane, Queensland. Perth, Western Australia. Auckland, New Zealand. 

All above data is from the Heliflite Company website 
Robinson Helicopters - Heli Addiction
Robinson Helicopters - Heli Addiction